Отвечаем на вопросы

Why is it necessary to confirm a profile?

All registered members go through a detailed review in order to check the correspondence between actual data and information stated during the registration process. The main aim is to diminish the number of undesignated or fraudulent members. In order to check all the data, we get in touch with contact people stated in the registration. 

Attention! Members that did not initiate their profile check-up, will be marked as “Unchecked user”. We will not recommend working with them.


After a successful review, you will be granted the whole functionality to work with Containers.Guide, including:

  • Ads review; Unlimited number of published ads;
  • Opportunity to leave offers;
  • Access to contact details of other members;
  • Opportunity to make deals and leave reviews.

How to confirm a profile?

State the actual details of an individual/company during the registration process. If you have not been contacted yet, then send a message to support@containers.guide from the email address you registered your profile with. The message is free form, just write in the topic “The review of company X”, where X is your full name or a company name. After receiving your enquiry, we will get in contact to confirm data.