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Container Terminal Operations

A container terminal is an infrastructural unit that enables the connection between sea lines and intercontinental routes. The platform is equipped so to operate with standard transportation modules of various modifications. There are several categories of such logistic centers: sea, land, customs terminals and ports that serve special empty containers.

The largest container terminal of Russia is located in Saint Petersburg. There are seven units on the platform, and they are able to receive large vessels for load processing. Other sea container terminals of Russia are situated on the Far East and in the major ports of the Black Sea.

The main function of logistic centers

Container transportation is organized in a way to reduce the shipment of empty containers to the maximum. When a customer takes the shipped cargo, a transportation tare should return to its owner. Terminals are in charge of distributing, maintaining, fixing and storing shipping containers. Among their function are also the following:

    • Unloading and loading containers on a vessel, railway or automobile vehicles;
    • Implementing customs operations;
    • Providing necessary conditions to store special containers and hazardous cargo;
    • Assembling and disassembling container batches;
    • Insurance and forwarding tares;
    • Sending and delivering freight.

    Terminals also sell shipping containers at low prices. It is also possible to rent a shipping container for a one-time cargo transportation.

    How to choose a partner

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