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Working Principle of Refrigerator Shipping Containers

A reefer is a sealed transportation module, equipped with a special system of automatic unit for sustaining necessary temperature regime. A special container is used for transporting perishable goods, cosmetics, medications and chemicals in defined climate conditions. A refrigeration unit has a system to regulate all the parameters. Modules have an integrated connector to power network of a marine, railway and automobile vehicle. Compact construction meets all the industry standards and has a i-block to determine possible malfunctions of the equipment.

Characteristics of a refrigerator container

A reefer is made of steel skeleton sheathed with aluminium and stainless steel sheets. Light panels of polyurethane foam are used for thermal insulation of a box. Inner walls have a textured surface to enable air circulation when a load is packed tightly. Floor is strengthened with a profile to enable containers movement by a universal automatic loader.

Steel insulated walls have a safe locking system that promotes total tightness of a camera and protects a container from illegal entry. 20-foot refrigerator containers with 29,1 m³ cooling camera volume are used for transporting small portions of products. 40-foot reefers with 61,3 m³ volume can fit up to 30 tones of goods.

Main advantages of reefers are:

    • safety of a load in every condition,
    • reliable and autonomous work of the system,
    • possibility to set temperature regimes from - 25 to + 25 °C,
    • setting freeze and defrost cycles,
    • adjustment of humidity levels,
    • continuous sustenance of a given temperature in case of emergency power off.
    The equipment ensures constant circulation and equal allocation of air flows inside container. An operator sets a needed regime and can monitor cargo condition with the help of sensors. Technology is designed for long and continuous work in the economy mode. E-system uses sound notification to claim a malfunction.

    Where to buy/ rent a refrigerator container

    Transportable modules are produced in Japan, China, South Korea and the USA. Purchasing a brand new reefer will request a lot of money and precise attention to learning and checking all the characteristics. A perfect alternative is renting or booking such a container for a specific delivery. You can find the best options on the website and contact the companies directly. All of them have already been checked by the platform and are guaranteed to be reliable partners.
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