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Project Logistics 2020: Trends & Risks

Transportation Company FESCO had a complex project logistics market analysis in Russia to define the perspectives on its development in current economic and geopolitical conditions. Results of the questionnaire are presented below:

    • 75% respondents think the industry will develop intensively in case its infrastructural limits are off;
    • 83% participants express the importance of creating online platforms to join the members of the market;
    • 80% business respondents have high expectations towards state support in a form of tax incentives within the next 5-7 years;
    • 76% actively invest own assets in the development of the industry;
    • 63% entrepreneurs are not satisfied with low accessibility of loans;
    • 57% respondents consider stated prices as a huge perspective for financing investing projects and active development of the infrastructure.

    The respondents of the research were chosen from the leading logistics companies. In total, there were top managers from 24 transportation corporations. The results of the research were published at the annual conference Heavy Russia.

    According to the data of the World Bank, Russia achieved a positive tendency in developing the logistics sector in 2018. The country became 75th in the international ranking. To compare, in 2016 Russia was on the 99th place. The volume of goods turnover in the local ports increased by 3,9%. Among the leading industries, in terms of freight shipment, are natural gas, cereal transportation as well as container shipment.

    Check some following trend in logistics until 2024:

      • Increase of transporting liquefied natural gas;
      • Export projects of local engineering and construction entities;
      • Investments in sea and railway freight shipping infrastructure;

      Development of engineering companies and participation of local players in the global and international projects.

      It’s getting easier, faster and cheaper to transport cargo using shipping containers. Mostly due to the affordable pricing of modules.

      The main risks in logistics are based on impossibility to foresee the situation with military conflicts, intensiveness of technological development and trading wars between large market players. Influence of sanctions, political conjunction, decreasing demand of oil and gas demand are among other important aspects.
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