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Shipping Containers: 10 Business Ideas (Part 2)

Save time and money on arrange your business venture. Build an office or some other entity out of a shipping container. Here are some other construction ideas.

Rental agencies

Renting sports equipment is a profitable business in some tourist areas. Placing a rental office in the right place is a key to success, thus, transferrable buildings out of containers are needed. These constructions are possible to utilize throughout a year. There you can store skies, snowboards, bicycles and other sports utilities.

Fish farms

That was a bit surprising, but shipping container are already used as fishing farms. Owners just insert there a pool with necessary systems to grow fish. They insulate containers, create pleasant micro climate and keep up their successful business operations. On request, complexes can be updated or widen.

Mobile office

Do you have a small insurance company or a tourist agency? Instead of renting a small room in some random office building, get a container to arrange the working place the way you want it to be. It is not a problem to arrange a totally separate unit and design it as you wish. However, you are still recommended to ask advice from a specialist to consider all the construction details.

Guard points

Protecting some distant locations requires proper living conditions for personnel. It is fast, safe and secure to build a guard point out of a shipping container. Standard containers meet all the demands, in terms of space. Later, they are equipped with alarms, autonomy power sources, heating. Containers can include living and working areas.


Full-scale administration building in the city centre even sounds expensive. To found a new building will also be pricey. To organize an office in a former shipping container is easy and inexpensive. You will get a working environment with all accessories and necessary details. At any point, you will be able to expand it, adding another container.

Mobile stations

Providing energy is a need for accurate work of facilities. Shipping containers meet all the requirements. They are easy to equip with a compact energy generator or a substation. Strong frame will protect the inner technologies. Installed ventilation will make it stay cool. Modules are compact and long lasting. They are produced according to the ISO standards and can be transferred by any vehicle.


Cozy atmosphere of the café is one of the reasons people come back. To create such a spirit without investing too much money on the premises, address shipping container option. Designers will help to plan everything well according the theme of your place. Building a café out of a container is fast and fairly inexpensive. Don’t be afraid to be creative, and you will get wonderful results.


Private house owners actively utilized containers to build saunas. Heated and properly sealed modules are sheathed with wooden panels. Instead of gates, designers establish panorama windows. Such building is easy to transfer from one location to another, e.g. put it closer to a river or a lake.

Art studios

Painters and designers appreciate a creative approach, especially when it comes to the place of their actual work. It is becoming a common practice to situate an art studio or office in a multi-layered construction made of shipping containers. This kind of buildings easily attract attention, so there will be no need for advertising such design studios.

Mobile hotels

New European trends – organizing temporary tourist accommodation in former shipping containers. Especially, they are popular during various festivals, public shows and sports competitions. Building hotels in such places is usually not profitable, so containers are brought to the place of action and redesigned there. Building such type of accommodation takes around 48 hours. The owner can enlarge the place by adding extra containers.

As you can see, shipping containers are universal. They are perfect for transporting cargo, they are also great for construction works. It is totally up to you how to use them. Just one advice: check offered containers on the website.
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