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Transporting and Storing Loads in Containers

The main use of transporting modules – providing the safety of loads during their shipment by sea, railway or automobile vehicles. Steel boxes are well-locked, withstand heavy loads, temperature swings and high air humidity. Universal modules are used for temporary or permanent storage of goods and materials. Those who are planning to buy a container for storage should know that there are special series of storage boxes. Quality of modules does not differ from a certified container, but their prices are lower than the standardized boxes.

Difference between transportation modules and storage boxes

Transportation containers should correspond to the strict international standards. The modules withstand heavy external burden when placed on top of other containers on second and third tiers. They have ISO defined sizes and swing gates with a special locking mechanism. These containers are utilized for storing and long-distance shipment of loads of various types.

Storing containers are not subject of compulsory certification. They can have different sizes and random configuration. They can be used as deck cargo, placed only in one tier. If an owner buys a box for storing purposes, it is possible to re-equip the construction for comfortable exploitation. Containers are joined to increase the square and equipped with additional gates, wickets and windows. Heave gates are changes with light constructions made of sheet steel.

The choice depends on the intended use of modules. For international transportation, experts recommend to buy new shipping containers of an appropriate modification. For storing purposes, you can buy a steel box at affordable price. Saved money can be invested in container re-equipment for individual purposes.

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News and Research