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Labeling Tank Containers

A tanktainer is a transportation module used for shipping liquid, gas or other types of bulk cargo. An universal module is widely utilized in industry and trade. Dangerous chemicals, fuel, water, goods are transported in tank containers. Choosing a container model depends on the type of cargo and the scale of transportation operation.

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Types of tank containers

Module’s construction represents a container durably framed in steel girders. Its volume varies from 25 to 35 m³. There are also special models that have greater or smaller volume.

It is important to pay attention to the following principle specs of tank containers’ construction:
  • Pumping and draining system,
  • Thermal insulation,
  • Heating or cooling equipment,
  • Resistance to aggressive environments,
  • Level of frame’s rigidity.

Tank containers are equipped with pumps for rapid pumping out the content, an automatic system for sustaining specific temperatures, a control panel for monitoring the environmental conditions, a ladder and a platform for serving hatches. Tanktainers correspond to the international norms ISO for transporting modules of some specific utilization.

Advantages of using tank containers

Transporting hazardous cargo in an unequipped container can lead to depressurization and dangerous situation during the shipment process. Non-compliance with the temperature regime causes the violation of food storage conditions. Mechanical damages induce the destruction of containers, not meant for long-term transportation of liquid or gas substances.

Using tank containers enables the following requirements:

  • Safe storage and cargo transportation,
  • Universal shipment by sea, railway or automobile transport,
  • rapid loading and unloading of the content,
  • following the temperature and pressure regimes,
  • compatibility and reliability of different sized-modules.

Moving loads in tank containers allows reducing transportation costs thanks to spaciousness of modules. Safety of loads is guaranteed under all possible conditions.

Main types of containers according to the international system of standardization

Tank containers are labeled with accordance to their material, thickness of steel, maximum allowable internal pressure and characteristics of substances for transportation. There is a special system for marking types of tanktainers:

  • IMO0 classification Т1-Т6, used for storing and transporting safe loads and food,
  • IMO2 classification Т7-Т10, used for storing safe chemicals,
  • IMO1 classification Т11-Т22, used for tight transportation of hazardous chemical reagents,
  • IMO50 classification Т50, used for transporting gases and flammable liquids with sustaining a definite temperature regime.

Buying used tank containers allows reducing costs while organizing safe transportation. Collaborating with reliable vendors that guarantees the functionality of the whole system is the only important condition.
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